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Tambourine Marketing and PR
Branding and Website

Tambourine Marketing and PR are a business with the essence of fun they provide every industry with the tools and the platform to be heard by all, whether it is advertsing, press releases, social media or managing all the aspects of the companies design and ethos.

The brief for Screech Creative was to express the companies ethos of fun and to create an identity and branding that would express to Tambourine clients that they enjoyed their work. They wanted to explore the boundries between business and fun. They feel that work can be serious but also enjoyed.

The finished designs were based on simple and fun custom typeface identity, complemented by a clever strapline, that works across both printed and digital materials.

Tambourine Logo Design
Tambourine Logo Reversed
Tambourine Strapline Be More In Tune
Tambourine Sticker Design
Tambourine Stationery Design
Tambourine Stationery Back
Tambourine Website Design
Tambourine Website Build Close Up
Tambourine Website Home Page
Tambourine Website Gallery
Tambourine Website Gallery